NMRC Announces New Additions to the Measurement Guidance Toolkit

There are four new tools in the Measurement Guidance Toolkit provided by the NMRC, each of which will make it easier for mentoring programs to use data from official records in their program evaluation work moving forward. The new sections detail how to use official records related to School Attendance, School Discipline, Grades, and Juvenile Offending. For each of these records the Toolkit offers a detailed explanation of what types of information are contained in these records, how programs can access them, and other factors to consider when using them in the context of a program evaluation. Each also offers a simple spreadsheet that can help programs organize and analyze the records in question. The use of records like these can often strengthen the evidence that a program is achieving its outcomes relative to self-report measures and these new additions should help programs access and utilize accurate official records that speak to mentee behavioral changes and progress.

You can download these and many other ready-to-use tools in the full Toolkit.

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