New Episodes of Reflections on Research Podcast

Reflections on ResearchThree new episodes of the third season of the NMRC’s research-focused podcast are now available. In episode three, NMRC Research Board member Dr. Julia Pryce of Loyola (Chicago) discusses her research on the concept of mentor-youth “attunement” and why mentors and staff need to emphasize reading youth cues in order to strengthen the relationship and make the mentoring experience more enjoyable and stress-free for all participants. Listeners can find a copy of the F.A.N. Framework she discusses during the episode here. 

In the fourth episode, Dr. Michelle Kaufman of Johns Hopkins University joins us to discuss e-mentoring research and practice. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down schools and youth-serving programs, leaders have increasingly turned to technology-delivered mentoring interactions, while also recognizing that these digital tools also hold great promise for non-crisis application, as well. Join us as Dr. Kaufman talks about what we know about e-mentoring and her own research into the use of digital tools to bring youth and caring adults together in relationship. 

The fifth episode features a lively discussion with Drs. Amy Syversten and Cecilia Saddler, who share findings from key new research into developmental relationships and discuss their work to apply those insights into the work of teachers and others who can take relationship-centered approaches to supporting youth of all ages. Over the last few decades, the Search Institute has been leading the way in our understanding of both the assets youth need to thrive and the supportive, developmental relationships they need with adults in order to reach their potential. 

Look out for new episodes here on the site as well as on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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