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DECEMBER 10, 2015

The National Mentoring Resource Center has been providing technical assistance, training, and reviews of mentoring research and resources for almost one year now. In fact we recently posted 18 evidence-based reviews of programs and specific practices. But in spite of all this outreach and engagement of the youth mentoring community, we realized that there was more we could do to bring information and innovations to practitioners, policymakers, and researchers. This new blog represents one strategy in providing you with more access to insights, opinions, and fresh information that can strengthen your programs and build a true community of mentoring professionals nationally.

The NMRC blog will feature frequent posts from seasoned mentoring program staff and updates on new trends and innovations from established technical assistance providers and researchers. We want to bring more voices and more conversation to the NMRC work. And to that end, we’re happy to include reader comments with these posts. So if you read something provocative, interesting, or complex in this space, please join in the conversation and share your thoughts and wisdom!


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