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OJJDP/NMRC LogosThe Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) has long supported mentoring programs, with mentoring appropriations totaling more than $834 million from FY 2008 to FY 2017. OJJDP invests so strongly in mentoring because the research on youth mentoring to date has shown that it can be impactful for both prevention and intervention goals in a wide variety of areas of policy interest to the agency, including the prevention of juvenile crime and recidivism, fostering academic achievement, encouragement of positive peer relationships and healthy behaviors, and supporting youth with specific severe needs, such as those struggling with mental health challenges or those who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Please see the What Works in Mentoring section of this site for more background on the rich body of mentoring research that leads OJJDP to value the impact of this work on young people.

OJJDP’s mentoring work aims to both increase opportunities for youth to have mentors and improve the quality and impact of the mentoring they receive. Through its researchprogrammatic grantstraining and technical assistance, and publications, OJJDP provides financial incentives and national leadership to support the delivery of high quality mentoring to a diverse and growing population of youth. The OJJDP National Mentoring Resource Center has been developed as a key research and practice resource for the mentoring field.

As one of the primary supporters of youth mentoring at the federal level, OJJDP values partnerships with federal agencies, mentoring programs, and research institutions as well as direct family and youth engagement in its mentoring initiatives.

For Grants Administration Information, please visit Grants 101: Overview of OJP Grants and Funding.

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