OJJDP's Programmatic Initiatives in Mentoring


On an annual basis, OJJDP uses appropriated federal funds to support a variety of mentoring approaches. OJJDP’s mentoring work focuses on expanding the use of research-informed enhancements to mentoring programs as well as providing mentoring services to underserved and at-risk populations of youth.

A few of OJJDP's recent programmatic mentoring initiatives include:

OJJDP Mentoring Grantees

Below, you will find the list of OJJDP Mentoring Grantees awarded funding over the past several years, many of which provide mentoring to at-risk and underserved youth populations.

Funding Opportunities

A listing of available grants from OJJDP that support initiatives to provide national leadership, coordination, and resources to prevent and respond to juvenile justice and victimization.

OJJDP’s Research and Evaluation Initiatives in Mentoring

OJJDP’s research and evaluation initiatives are closely intertwined with and applied to their programmatic efforts. Learn more about OJJDP’s Research and Evaluation Initiatives in Mentoring here.

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