OJJDP's Research and Evaluation Initiatives in Mentoring


In addition to supporting a variety of programmatic approaches that emphasize the use of mentoring research, OJJDP has focused on translating mentoring research to practice through a three prong strategy that includes disseminating information about evidence-based and research-informed mentoring practices, more strategically and effectively integrating research into mentoring practice, and supporting ongoing evaluation and assessments of innovative mentoring approaches.

Disseminating evidence-based mentoring resources

OJJDP's National Mentoring Resource Center includes a Research Board that oversees the development of the tools and resources in the "What Works" section and guides the training and technical assistance approach.

Integrating research into mentoring practice

OJJDP has supported three demonstration mentoring programs that promote practitioner-researcher partnerships and match innovative programmatic designing with ongoing evaluation. This includes:

Evaluation of innovative mentoring approaches

OJJDP supports investigator-initiated evaluation and research to better understand what works in mentoring and the underlying practices or mechanisms of these approaches. This includes:

OJJDP’s Research Projects

OJJDP supports research, evaluations, and statistical projects across diverse topical areas. The OJJDP research project pages provide brief overviews of those initiatives and links to final reports, when applicable. The current project pages reflect some, but not all of OJJDP's current initiatives. You can view OJJDP's Research here. Mentoring-specific research projects include:

The NMRC recently completed a synthesis of 28 research projects funded by OJJDP between FY2009 and FY2019. This synthesis highlights the methodology, findings, and practical conclusions of each study, while also offering a global perspective around the common features, strengths, and challenges across the entire body of research work funded by OJJDP. This synthesis will be valuable to programs who want to better understand the rich body of innovative research funded by OJJDP over the last decade, as well as to policymakers and funders looking to find keys to success when funding research projects in mentoring contexts. The full synthesis can be downloaded at: http://bit.ly/Synthesis_of_OJJDP_Sponsored_Mentoring_Research_2019

Recent OJJDP-Sponsored Mentoring Research Findings

OJJDP’s Programmatic Initiatives in Mentoring

OJJDP’s research and evaluation initiatives are closely intertwined with and applied to their programmatic efforts. Learn more about OJJDP’s Programmatic Initiatives in Mentoring here.

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