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Scale: Youth-Report Measure of Growth/Goal Focus in Youth Mentoring Relationships

What it measures:

  • Youth perceptions of a focus on personal growth and goal attainment in the mentoring relationship.

Intended age range: Youth aged 9 and older.

Brief description: This 6-item measure assesses the degree to which the youth perceives that their mentor is working to help them achieve goals or personal growth as part of the mentoring relationship. Sample items include: “My mentor helps me to set and reach goals” and “My mentor and I spend time working on how I can improve as a person.” Each item is rated on a 4-point scale: Very false, Mostly false, Mostly true, or Very true.

Rationale: This scale was selected due to its relative brevity, evidence of reliability and validity in a racially/ethnically and socioeconomically diverse sample, and appropriateness for use with youth from a wide age range.

Cautions: None.

Special administration information: None.

How to score: Each item is scored from 1 (Very false) to 4 (Very true). The scale score is the average across all items.

How to interpret findings: Higher scores indicate a greater perception on the part of the youth that their mentoring relationship is focused on their goal attainment and personal growth.

Access and permissions: The measure is available for non-commercial use with no charge and is made available here.

Alternatives: None recommended.

Citation: DuBois, D. L. (2008). Youth-report measure of growth/goal focus in youth mentoring relationships. Unpublished measure, University of Illinois at Chicago.

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