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Those interested in nominating a program are urged to first review the process and criteria that are used by the National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC) for assessing and categorizing the evidence that addresses a program’s effectiveness.

If you are nominating a resource for inclusion on the site, please review the information on “Reviews of Mentoring Resources” at the bottom of the Review Process page.

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Youth Characteristics and Outcomes

Please indicate the characteristics of the youth for whom this program, practice, or resource is intended (for a practice or resource that does not directly involve youth, please consider the youth who are intended to ultimately benefit from it).

Evaluation Information

Has the effectiveness of the program, practice, or resource been evaluated? Please note that effectiveness of practices and resources may be evaluated in relation to considerations other than youth outcomes, such as mentor recruitment or retention, mentoring relationship quality or duration, program satisfaction, and staff development:

Access and Use of Materials

Please indicate the access that interested users can expect to have to the materials that are required for implementing the program or resource that is being nominated (e.g., training guides, curricula, evaluation forms, etc.):

All materials required for implementing the resource must be provided with this nomination for purposes of reviewing it for listing on the National Mentoring Resource Center website (e.g., training guides, curricula, evaluation forms, etc.).

Materials provided will be utilized only for purposes of review and will not be included on the National Mentoring Resource Center website without separate authorization to do so.

Note: Files can not exceed 6MB.

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