Building Effective Peer Mentoring Programs in Schools: An Introductory Guide

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    Cross-age peer mentoring programs, in which older youth befriend and mentor younger children in a structured environment, are an increasingly popular choice for educators and youth development professionals hoping to create positive outcomes for youth. This guide provides recommendations for program design; participant recruitment, screening and selection; training; and match activities, as well as planning tools for program coordinators.


    To equip program coordinators with information to plan and implement effective cross-age peer mentoring programs for youth in schools.

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    Peer mentoring programs in school settings.

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    Mentoring Program Coordinators

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    It is important to be aware that research indicates peer mentoring programs require supplemental supports in order to achieve effectiveness comparable to adult programs (Herrera et al., 2007). These supports may include, but are not necessarily limited to, enhanced forms of mentor screening and training as well as relatively more frequent and intensive ongoing supervision and problem-solving assistance for mentoring relationships once established. This Guide includes a number of recommendations for practices and safeguards of this nature. However, it should be noted that these generally have not been evaluated in research. Those considering implementation of a peer mentoring program are advised to consult the review of research on one-to-one cross-age peer mentoring that is available on this website.

    This publication was funded by the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education with EMT Associates, Inc.

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    Building Effective Peer Mentoring Programs in Schools: An Introductory Guide


    Mentoring Resource Center, Education Northwest


    Michael Garringer and Patti MacRae

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    Program Management Resources

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