Social Media and Mentoring

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    This resource provides youth mentoring programs with suggestions on how to utilize social media to support mentors and mentees, recruit new volunteers, and market their program. Included in this resource are tips for using social networking to help with recruitment, tips for mentors on how to utilize social networking, and tips for mentoring programs to share with staff.


    To equip mentoring programs with practical tools and tips on how to utilize social networking to enhance their programming.

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    Mentoring program staff.

    Corresponding Elements of Effective Practice:

    Recruitment, Training, Monitoring and Support

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    Social Media and Mentoring


    Mentor Michigan


    Mentor Michigan

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    Program Management Resources

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    This resource can be accessed freely online:,4618,7-193-27047-252667--,00.html

    Please note: Some of the links included in this resource are not active and/or have not been updated. Users of this resource should be mindful of the rapidly changing landscape of social media platforms that go in and out of popularity. In addition, it is essential that programs have well-delineated and regularly updated policies on digital and social media use and that mentors, mentees and parents (as appropriate) are trained around programs’ relevant policies when it comes to digital and social media use.

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Social Media and Mentoring

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