The Mentor's Guide to Youth Purpose

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    This resource provides guidance and practical tools for how mentors can nurture and support a young person’s sense of purpose. The guide includes worksheets that mentors can use to reflect on their own sense of purpose and how that can influence the mentoring relationship including through communication strategies, adultism, and by giving space for youth voice.

    Note: Programs may wish to provide support for mentors in making use of this resource, as the content is fairly extensive and mentors may benefit from staff direction and input in how to make use of it most effectively. As noted in the resource, it should be kept in mind that a focus on supporting youth purpose may not be appropriate uniformly for all mentees (e.g., youth dealing with recent experiences of trauma or ongoing sources of stress or adversity as primary concerns).


    To provide mentors with guidance on ways they can support their mentees to explore purpose and find meaning, a sense of self, and ways of giving back to their world.

    Target Population/Eligibility of Target Sites:

    Mentors and mentoring programs.

    Corresponding Elements of Effective Practice:

    Mentor Training, Match Support

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    Additional Information:

    MENTOR has published an accompanying guide for staff implementation: The Mentor’s Guide to Youth Purpose: Staff Considerations for Using this Guide in Your Program.

    This publication was created with support from JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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    The Mentor's Guide to Youth Purpose


    MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership


    Meghan Perry

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    Mentor Guides and Handouts

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    This resource can be accessed freely online in PDF form, on the MENTOR website:

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The Mentor's Guide to Youth Purpose

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