Tools for Mentoring Adolescents

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    These Tools for Mentoring Adolescents were developed by the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota, in collaboration with the Search Institute, to support and strengthen relationships between mentors and mentees. Ten downloadable tip sheets cover topics from “Developmental Characteristics of Younger and Older Adolescents” to “Setting Boundaries.” They can be used as part of a staff-led mentor training or as a supplemental resource to share with current or prospective mentors.

    The full list of topics:

    • TMA 1 - Mentoring Adolescents: Training Needs
    • TMA 2 - Making the Most of Mentoring an Adolescent
    • TMA 3 - Aren't Mentors for Little Kids
    • TMA 4 - Building Trust Attachment with Your Mentee
    • TMA 5 - Let's Get Real: Positive Communication
    • TMA 6 - Setting Mentoring Boundaries
    • TMA 7 - Influence of Culture on Mentoring Relationships
    • TMA 8 - Developmental Characteristics of 12-14 Year Olds
    • TMA 9 - Developmental Characteristics of 15-18 Year Olds
    • TMA 10 - Activity: What's Hot and What's Not


    These materials are intended to give mentors information about adolescent development and tips about specific mentoring approaches that can support youth over this age range. This resource is also designed to support training development.

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    These materials emphasize the “ever-changing, but always interesting, adolescent years.”

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    Monitoring and Support

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    Tools for Mentoring Adolescents


    Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota


    Search Institute

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    Mentor Guides and Handouts

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    All 10 tools are available for download in PDF format on the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota website at:

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Tools for Mentoring Adolescents

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