K-12 Journey Map

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    The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s K-12 Journey Map captures major milestones for youth as they prepare for post-secondary education and careers. This resource is available as an online tool or as a downloadable handout. The interactive version includes links to other web-based resources that support key milestones encountered during middle school and high school, from taking a career interest finder to finding ways to pay for college.


    This resource is intended to help youth, mentors, and parents track progress toward post-secondary goals. It seeks to help mentors provide youth with a sense of accomplishment and break what can be seem like an overwhelming journey into manageable and achievable steps.

    Target Population/Eligibility of Target Sites:

    This resource is designed for use in just about any mentoring program, with youth from middle through high school. It will be most applicable in programs where helping youth plan for their future is an intentional activity.

    Corresponding Elements of Effective Practice:

    Monitoring and Support

    Key Personnel:

    None needed to use this tool. The tool is intended to be helpful for mentors in need of information about academic milestones youth encounter during middle school and high school and mentors interested in helping youth with exploring future options for education and careers.

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    K-12 Journey Map


    Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota


    Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota

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    Mentor Guides and Handouts

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    This resource is freely available on the MPM website at:

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K-12 Journey Map

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