• Description of Resource:

    Imua is a data management and communication tool that is designed to empower educational, youth development, and mentoring organizations to monitor student and mentor progress towards achieving organizational goals. The resource is currently in beta testing and the developer is looking for programs to implement the system to help further refine the tool. The tool offers flexibility to be helpful to mentoring programs that operate in different settings and with varying goals.

    At a basic level, the tool seeks to provide program staff, mentors, and youth with real-time information about youth’s academics, community service, testing, and extracurricular activities. It also allows students to ask questions of mentors and staff. Its reporting features, furthermore, are designed to help trigger targeted support to individual matches or specific groups of mentors and youth.


    This resource is intended to track mentee progress toward college readiness in a number of domains, while also facilitating mentor-youth and staff-mentor communication. It can also support program evaluation activities.

    Target Population/Eligibility of Target Sites:

    This resource is applicable to programs emphasizing college preparation and planning as well as academic progress and goal setting.

    Corresponding Elements of Effective Practice:

    Monitoring and Support

    Key Personnel:

    A program should have staffing dedicated to supporting the technology, managing and using the data it collects, and monitoring interactions through the system for risk management concerns.

    Additional Information:

    Currently in a free “beta” state. There will be a per user cost of between $2 and $5 per month in the future.

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    Hoku Scholars


    Hoku Scholars

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    Program Management Resources

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    Resource has not been evaluated for effectiveness

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    Resource has not been evaluated for effectiveness

    Evaluation Validity:

    Resource has not been evaluated for effectiveness

  • Accessing and Using this Resource:

    Imua is currently available as a free beta resource for interested programs. Additional information can be found on the main Imua website:

    Also of potential interest to programs who want to consider using this resource:

      • A set of set up questions that explain further the types of information the system can track

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