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    This resource is a curriculum for mentors who will be working with youth in military families, often after a parent has been deployed. The curriculum consists of six “classroom” trainings intended to be delivered in-person and six additional webinars that can be offered at various points in the mentoring relationships as needed. The original version of this training also includes five e-learning modules that are currently available at:

    See the “Accessing and Using This Resource” tab for additional information on the e-learning modules.

    The in-person trainings cover the following topics:

    • Boundary setting
    • Developmental phases of youth
    • Reintegration and family dynamics
    • Responding to sensitive issues
    • Self-care and compassion fatigue
    • Understanding resilience

    For each training, the facilitator is provided with a detailed session script, a set of slides and handouts, and multi-media clips that can be used to illustrate key points or stimulate discussion.

    In addition to the in-person classroom trainings, there is content for a series of supplemental webinars on additional topics relevant to mentors serving youth in military families:

    • Behavioral health
    • Crisis intervention
    • Dealing with grief and loss
    • Engaging parents and caregivers
    • Military family support
    • Suicide prevention and postvention


    This resource can prepare mentors for the unique challenges and opportunities of mentoring a child who has a deployed military parent or family member. Secondarily, these materials also are intended to be used to educate staff on how to serve military family youth more effectively.

    Target Population/Eligibility of Target Sites:

    These materials are intended for use with mentors of youth from military families⎯ideal for programs serving a high percentage of youth from these families. This training may be particularly relevant when a youth has a deployed family member.

    Corresponding Elements of Effective Practice:

    Monitoring and Support

    Key Personnel:

    None required, although facilitators of the training will need some basic understanding of military terminology and culture.

    Additional Information:

    In addition to the training materials, practitioners can also download a research brief on the best practices of the Amachi Expansion for Military and Civilian Families program at:

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    Amachi Military Training


    Amachi, Inc.


    Dare Mighty Things

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    Mentor Training Resources

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    This resource has generously been made available by Amachi for free downloading from the NMRC using the links below.

    Training Overview:

    This document provides background information and framing for the delivery of all the training content.

    Classroom Trainings


    E-Learning Modules

    The e-learning modules are available at using the following log in:

    • User ID: aemcfmentor
    • password: mentor1

    Please note that the e-learning modules are no longer being supported or facilitated by an Amachi staff member, but they are available for mentors and program staff.

    If you have questions about the development or use of these materials, please contact Muna Walker at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Amachi Military Training

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