Finding Mentors, Finding Success

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    This resource is intended to support high school-age youth with finding his or her next mentor at the end of a programmatic mentoring relationship. Originally designed for use in YouthBuild programs, this resource is designed to help youth think about where they are at in life, what they liked from their previous mentoring relationships, and how future mentors could offer new forms of support and guidance. Planning worksheets and other prompts encourage the mentee to think about the help he or she will need in meeting goals, while tips on making “the ask” attempt to take some of the fear and awkwardness out of approaching someone and asking that person to take on a mentoring role.


    Provide young people with the information and skills needed to find new mentors throughout their lives, especially when one mentoring relationship may be ending.

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    Although designed for youth exiting a formal mentoring program, much of the content can be applied to youth in general.

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    Finding Mentors, Finding Success: A guide to finding—and engaging—supportive adults throughout your life


    YouthBuild USA


    YouthBuild USA

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    Resources for Mentees and Families

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    This resource is available for free download from the YouthBuild USA National Mentoring Alliance website at: 

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