Measurement and Guidance Toolkit for Mentoring Programs

The National Mentoring Resource Center’s Measurement Guidance Toolkit provides recommended instruments for measuring key youth outcomes in mentoring programs as well as several risk and protective factors that may be relevant to program outcomes. The instruments recommended here are grouped into different domains in which mentoring has well-established potential for impact. All recommended instruments have been carefully reviewed and selected by the Research Board of the National Mentoring Resource Center. Please use the links to the left to navigate the domains and recommended measures for outcomes within each domain.

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Using these instruments in your program

While this Toolkit can help your mentoring program measure many outcomes more effectively, the recommended instruments will be most effective if used within the context of a well-designed evaluation plan. It should be kept in mind, furthermore, that the instruments are likely to lose their value if they are changed (excepting the potential modifications that are discussed in the Toolkit for selected measures), administered incorrectly, or used in contexts where the desired outcomes are apt to be elusive due to poor program implementation or an insufficient theory of change driving program activities. Please see the Key Evaluation Considerations and Advice for Designing and Administering Evaluation Tools pages for more information about how to maximize the value of these instruments within the context of a strong overall evaluation.

Do you have a domain, outcome, or risk or protective factor you’d like us to consider adding to the Toolkit?

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